The Secretariat


Top row: Safa Elamin, Sarah Nour El Huda, Shaima Abdalla, Nada Abdelbasit, Laila Malik, Ahmad Saaid, Amina Elnour, Khalid Osman, Valentina Banyoti, Dinan Alasad, Bushra Morsi, Ayah Elfadil

Bottom row: Tobi Oluwajimi, May Elroubi, Ilham Tagelsir, Dalia Nawai

This is the Secretariat of this year’s KICSMUN conference. They have been working hard to prepare for this year’s conference. You can see them all in the above picture.

Dinan Alasad is this year’s Secretary-General. Sarah Nour El Huda and Amina Elnour are the Deputy Secretary-Generals. Together the Secretary-General and Deputy Secretary-General work together with the KICSMUN Directors to put together this conference through administrative means.

Valentina is the Head of Logistics. The Logistics Team is comprised of Bilge Genis, Samantha Arnold and Qizheng Zhou. Together the Logistics Team take care of the press, ushers, website and supplies for the conference.

Each council has a President, Assistant President and Chair in charge of it. These people spend their time researching to become as knowledgable as they can on the topics of their councils and spend the ECA sessions before the conference teaching their delegates about the topics and how to be successful during the conference. During the conference, the Secretariat in each council are in charge of administering and making sure the debates runs smoothly. The following Secretariat members are the members in charge of the councils:

Security Council: Ahmad Saaid (President), Laila Malik (Assistant President) and Safa Elamin (Chair)

International Court of Justice: Ilham Tagelsir (President), Dalia Nawai (Vice President) and May Elroubi (Registrar)

Human Rights Council: Bushara Morsi (President), Nada Abdelbasit (Assistant President) and Tobi Oluwajimi (Chair)

Economic and Social Council: Shaima Abdalla (President), Khalid Osman (Assistant President) and Ayah Elfadil (Chair)