Security Council

The Security Council’s primary responsibility is to maintain international peace and security.It is made up of 15 member states, 5 of which are permanent. These are: China, France, The Russian federation, The United Kingdom, and the United States of America. The parties are called to a meeting whenever there is “a need to settle an act of aggression or a threat to peace”. The Security Council is the only organ of the United Nations that has the power to make decisions that the member states then have to implement; it is also allowed to impose sanctions and authorize force if needed.

During this year’s KICSMUN, the Security Council will be debating two topics: The question of the situation in South Sudan and combatting terrorism in the MENA region.

The Question of the Situation in South Sudan

The question of the situation in South Sudan is an issue that would be considered personal to some of the delegates and to the conference itself as the issues rose due to the conflicts between South Sudan and Sudan. The conflict behind South Sudan and Sudan have mean due to religious, economical and political factors. Although South Sudan gained its independence in 2011, the political, social and economical factors are still an issue leading to the displacement of over 2 million citizens. How inequity, inequality and poor governance play a part in this matter will be the main focus of debate during the conference.

 Combatting Terrorism in the MENA Region

The issue of combatting terrorism in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region is extremely relevant as the rise of radical terrorist attacks continues and increases. The MENA region has suffered largely from these attacks specifically by ISIL, Al-Qaeda, Al-Shabab and Boko Haram. This topic is vital to the purpose of the Security Council, as it is their responsibility to resolve conflict and maintain peace.


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