The Advisory Panel


Yomna Amir(Chair-Left) Abdelwahab Babiker ( President- Middle) Anas Slama       (Assistant President-Right)

Why Advisory Panel?

            With the choice of three councils, it may seem nonsensical to choose the new and unknown one. However, I hope to justify why the advisory panel is a great experience for any delegate whether it is their first conference of their fifth. What makes our council so unique and an excellent opportunity is that its format takes the best of both worlds from the other councils. Our topics resemble the topics that would be discussed in the Human Rights Council or the Economic and Social Council in the sense that they are open and free. Unlike the security council topics which requires a direct threat on security to (i.e. an outbreak of a specific war), the topics in the advisory panel are not as specific making the sessions more like a debate rather than a discussion. We will be discussing Drug Trafficking and Freedom of Speech, two very open ended and controversial topics in today’s society. Another aspect that makes the advisory fun is that the small size of the council allows the debates to be more concentrated and its security council structure, that debates clause-by-clause rather than working paper-by-working paper, adds to the intensity. The delegates benefit from free flowing fast tempo debate rather than having to comply with the slower procedures in the bigger councils. It may seem like a risk, but it is definitely a risk worth taking and it comes with great satisfaction for the delegates.

The Question of Freedom of Speech and Mass Censorship

The Question of Narcotic Drugs