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Guide for First-Time Delegates

During the ECA sessions, the Secretariat members have been working with the delegates to make sure they understand the topics, rules of the conference (ex. code of conduct) and help them improve their skills as best as possible. Each council has their topics explained in depth and discusses possible solutions and relevant treaties. There are also activities to improve skills such as projecting their voices and thinking on the spot. The purpose of the ECA sessions is to give the delegates the knowledge and skills to be successful during the KICSMUN conference.


Background Papers


The Exploitation of Workers by Transnational Corporations

Measures to Cope with Food Shortages in Sub-Saharan Africa

Advisory Panel:

The Question of Narcotic Drugs

The Question of Freedom of Speech and Mass Censorship

Historical Security Council:

The Question of the 1994 Rwandan Genocide

The Question of the Vietnam War

Security Council:

The Maintenance of the Security of Civilians in the Territories Occupied by the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Efforts to Eradicate Organized Crime in West Africa