The Directors


Mrs. Reem Heakal:


“MUN to me is not just educational, but life changing. It opens up the world of negotiation, diplomacy, and resolution. We learn that confrontation and conflict have alternatives to war. We learn that understanding other perspectives opens up possibilities of peaceful solutions based in respect, empathy and life that is valued for all. In a world where we see rage, hate and pain, MUN reminds us that there is another four-lettered word…hope. It gives us hope that we truly can, make the world a better place.”


Mr. James Anderson:

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“The KICSMUN offers students an opportunity to develop necessary competencies for success in life. Researching, writing and revising original work, public speaking, debating, and collaborating with peers, are all skills that are honed by participants in the MUN experience. Additionally, students must analyze and evaluate real world geopolitical issues from different points of view. If our goal is to create a more peaceful world for future generations, then providing young people a venue to practice diplomacy and compromise is valuable and exciting to observe. Ultimately, the objective is to cultivate global mindedness and critical thinking attributes in our students.”

Mr Gabriel:

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KICSMUN is a fantastic opportunity for students to investigate, discuss and have their say in global issues that affects all of us. It is the perfect place to learn more about world peace, human rights, humanitarian aid, sustainable development and international law. It is also one of the best program to develop skills that are critical for future leaders and success: debating, critical thinking, researching, analysing, listening, open-mindedness, public speaking… and many more. With KICSMUN our students are given a chance to help world peace and this makes it in my opinion a unique and invaluable learning experience.
Mrs Jessica:
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MUN gives students an opportunity to engage with real global issue and enables them to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to ultimately contribute to efforts to make the world a better place. Through participation in MUN, students develop their public speaking, debate skills and knowledge of international affairs. MUN also teaches students teamwork skills and the importance of working towards the common goal of a greater good. MUN can be transforming both for students and for the wider society they live in.