The Directors

Mr. Jamie Lynch:


“MUN gives students essential skills such as the ability to argue and understand others points of views  – crucial assets as young people leave school and pursue their futures in a constantly changing world. KICSMUN allows students from across Khartoum the opportunity to understand what is important in the world and recognize that although we are all different, working together and looking for ways to unite and create peace and inclusion amongst nations is paramount to the success of future generations. Although not perfect, without the United Nations, as a species, we would struggle to unify and look to help those in need when suffering adversity through natural or man made disasters. As young people who will soon inherit a world full of issues and problems, MUN is the perfect platform to learn how to be the change that the world so desperately needs.”

Mrs. Amy Ozols:

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“KICSMUN is an invaluable program to a student’s growth as they prepare for post-secondary education. Public speaking, thoughtful and meaningful debate, effective research and writing, communication and collaborative work are some of the many skills students develop by participating in MUN at KICS. These experiences are incredibly beneficial to a student’s academic performance yet also nurture the interpersonal skills needed to show empathy, inclusion and cultural sensitivity towards others. These types of experiences are also heavily favored by universities as they seek students who are well-rounded and able to manage a balanced schedule of studies and experiences outside the classroom. The most impressive part of KICSMUN is the professionalism shown by our Secretariat in leading and mentoring  their peers through the KICSMUN journey. It takes a village and our students continue to shine each year as admirable ambassadors and leaders of tomorrow!”

Mrs. Reem Heakal:


“MUN to me is not just educational, but life changing. It opens up the world of negotiation, diplomacy, and resolution. We learn that confrontation and conflict have alternatives to war. We learn that understanding other perspectives opens up possibilities of peaceful solutions based in respect, empathy and life that is valued for all. In a world where we see rage, hate and pain, MUN reminds us that there is another four-lettered word…hope. It gives us hope that we truly can, make the world a better place.”

Mr. James Anderson:

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“The KICSMUN offers students an opportunity to develop necessary competencies for success in life. Researching, writing and revising original work, public speaking, debating, and collaborating with peers, are all skills that are honed by participants in the MUN experience. Additionally, students must analyze and evaluate real world geopolitical issues from different points of view. If our goal is to create a more peaceful world for future generations, then providing young people a venue to practice diplomacy and compromise is valuable and exciting to observe. Ultimately, the objective is to cultivate global mindedness and critical thinking attributes in our students.”