Address from the Secretary-General


Greetings all,

I am Ahmed Yousif, the Secretary-General of the 13th annual KICS Model United Nations conference. I am both humbled and honored to assume such a prominent role, and eager to fulfil all of the responsibilities it entails.

My journey to the prestigious title I hold today started five years ago, when I tentatively signed up to participate as an usher during our eighth ever KICSMUN conference. Upon observing debate in conference in addition to the various conventions and procedures involved, I found myself captivated by the controversial issues under question, and the art of debate. As I continued to participate in MUN over the years, first as a delegate then a secretariat member, I witnessed the exponential growth of this project first-hand. KICSMUN has transfigured into a cornerstone of the KICS community, one that is committed to inciting positive change in the community from which it stems.

The theme for this year’s conference is ‘Empowering Human Development in an Increasingly Globalized Society’. Globalization is a phenomenon of particular relevance in our fast-moving, contemporary society. As technological and communications advancements continue to reach new heights, the global society is becoming increasingly small, one in which different countries and cultures are becoming increasingly similar in terms of habit and value. Although globalization can entail a multitude of advantages-increased multiculturalism, improved business and trade amongst different countries, and so forth-there are also potential pitfalls associated with the phenomenon. Namely, worldwide issues such as monopolization or the exploitation of vulnerable populations by transnational corporations all stem from globalization. Hence, our exploration of this them offers the opportunity to appreciate the benefits of globalization, whilst taking the appropriate measures to ensure its effects are not detrimental.

The councils through which debate will occur include the Security Council, Advisory Panel, Historical Security Council and the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). With each council having a distinct style and set of issues, delegates are provided with the opportunity to broaden their horizons through an increased understanding of political issues both in the past and today.

I look forward to reaching unprecedented heights in this year’s conference, with all of you.

Ahmed Yousif