By Mai Mohamed

Today marks the third day of the KICSMUN XI conference. All four councils have different topics and have been working hard debating and coming up with solutions.

Security Council has started their second debate topic today, which is about combatting terrorism in the Middle East and North of Africa (MENA) region. Delegate members of the Security Council given their short and brief individual opening speeches for the second debate about this topic. They are also beginning to come up with ideas for beneficial resolutions.

The International Court of Justice began their second case which is Belgium vs. Senegal and questions concerning the obligation to prosecute or extradite. The advocates and judges are analyzing their evidence work. They have come up with a majority verdict for their previous case, the Marshall Islands vs. the United Kingdom, which will be announced tomorrow with the verdict for this case.

The Human Rights Council has also started their second topic, the measures to ensure a universal standard of living conditions across all prisons and dentation camps. They have also started their opening speeches. They are hard at work to come up with a resolution.

The Economic and Social Council started the second topic. which is eliminating the radicalization of youth through societal measure. Unlike the other councils, the delegates of the Economic and Social Council have come up with three resolutions so far however they have all failed due to the leading vote of against.

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