Opening Ceremony

By Mai Mohamed


Today marks the fist day of the annual KICSMUN XI. The introductory speech was given by Ms. Reem Heakal. Dinan Alsad, this year’s Sectary-General then took part in the opening ceremony giving us a brief introduction about the theme of this year’s KICSMUN conference. She also mentioned what each council will be debating in the next few days.

This year’s keynote speaker was Dr. Hania, she is the CEO and founder of the Khartoum Breast Cancer Clinic. The clinic has helped many people in Khartoum and is continuing to grow and help more people. It is one of the best clinics in the country with excellent equipment and has been operating for 6 years now. The clinic is non-profitable and runs by charity funds, which KICSMUN is raising this year. Dr. Hania is relevant to KICSMUN this year because she also deals with sovereignty and humanitarianism, because the necessary medicines and aren’t available here in Khartoum due to the sanctions and she has had to overcame this barrier. She gave a very inspiring speech in the Opening Ceremony saying, “We can make a difference in this world if we work hard for it”.

Deputy Sectary-Generals and the Presidents of each council also contributed. They each gave a speech welcoming everyone, inspiring the delegates and debriefing the audience on the topics and theme. They also talked about their KICSMUN experience through out their lives and how little did they know where they would end up!

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